Equipment Rental & Sales

Because we’re heat treatment experts, we also rent and sell heat treating equipment and supplies, from thermocouples to gas trains, and from control consoles to pre-heat kits and consumables.

For a complete list of available equipment, please contact us below.

Equipment Rentals & Sales

    • R&R has one of the largest supplies of equipment available in Alberta
    • Providing everything required to fit your heat-treating needs
    • Whether you are looking to buy or to rent, we can supply you with everything from thermocouples to gas trains to control consoles to pre-heat kits to recorders and consumables.


List of available equipment:

    • Pre-heat kits
    • Heating consoles
    • Recorders
    • Ceramic pad heaters
    • Cable sets and splitters
    • Stud guns
    • Insulation
    • Thermocouples
    • Consumables

Contact us for full rental equipment listing.